I decided to go public with my recovery. Anyone who knows me will know that for the last nine months I have been in a treatment program. The simple fact of the matter is I like to drink to much. That, however, is just the symptom of a larger problem. I have the problem of addiction. What most people call a disease. I am not convinced it is completely a disease. The disease model is very useful though.

The disease model does a couple of good things. First, it allows us to all look at addiction as something other than a moral failing. That conceptualization of addiction has been responsible for such wonderful things as the “War on Drugs.” Anyone with half a brain can see the War on Drugs has been just as successful as Prohibition was.

The second good thing is it has allowed us to talk about addiction in terms of working to help people who are addicted. We now assign is a mental disorder title and have begun to fund helping people rather than imprisoning them.

The next series of my posts will be me working the steps of Narcotics Anonymous or NA. I chose NA over AA because of the God thing. One cannot conceivably read the “Big Book” (aka the basic AA blue book from 1939) chapter on agnostics and come away from it believing that AA is not a religious program.  Not to mention their ending most meetings with the Lord’s Prayer.